Useful Kanji Radicals with no Name 尞

尞 is not one of the 214 traditional radicals, however if you use it as a Pivot Radical it can help you learn groups of kanji quickly and effectively! All kanji with the 尞 pivot radical are pronounced (りょう) 100% of the time.

1. 亻Person who I work with: 僚 Colleague
同僚(どうりょう) coworkers
官僚(かんりょう) bureaucracy
閣僚(かくりょう) cabinet ministers

2. 疒 Sickness should be: 療 Heal or Medical treatment
治療(ちりょう) treatment
診療(しんりょう) medical examination and treatment; diagnosis
療養(りょうよう) care

3. 宀 Roof over a 寮 Dormitory
寮舎(りょうしゃ) dormitory
寮生(りょうせい) boarder

4. 目 Eye can see 瞭 Clear
明瞭(めいりょう) Clarity
一目瞭然(いちもくりょうぜん) obvious

In Japanese dictionaries these kanji are only listed under different radicals 亻宀目疒 but in Kanji Pivot they are also listed under 尞.  Easy to find, easier to study!


1亻Person who I work with?

2 疒 Sickness should be ?

image 疒 Radical
3 宀 Roof over a ?

4 目 Eye can see ?


1.  僚 Colleague   2. 療 Healed   3. 寮 Dormitory  4. 瞭 Clear


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