Kanji Radical 韋

Kanji Pivot Tip:韋 use pivot radicals to group kanji for more efficient study


韓国の韓の音読みはカンです。 Korea



緯(よこいと)の音読みはイです。 Horizontal




4 Kanji based on 男 Pivot Radical

男 (おとこ) man + the katakana マ = 勇 (いさむ) brave 勇 (いさむ) brave + (氵) water radical = 湧く (わく)to boil/to grow hot/to feel emotions like joy or bravery 男 (おとこ) man + 虎 (とら) tiger = 虜 (とりこ) captive 慮 (りょ) captive is a 7th grade kanji that’s rarely used and difficult to remember. But because you learned it as a part of the 男 pivot, you will not forget it. You can visualize a tiger holding  man captive.

勇な男だけど彼女の虜になった。 それを聞いて彼女の心に喜びが湧い

た。 image imageimageimageimageimageimage

Pivot Radical 包 Hō

kanjipivotlogo-2 Tip: all Joyo kanji that contains this pivot radical  have the onyomi pronunciation of hō (ホウ)

image_2 image_3

包’s 訓読み is つつみ which means to wrap.
Can you guess the right kanji?
1. hug, embrace ( wrap with hands)
2. placenta (body part that wraps)
3. bubbles (water wraps air)
4. cannon (wraps a stone)
5. tired of, had enough (as when your full stomach wrapped plenty of food)
6. To wrap

包 A
泡 B
抱 C
胞 D
砲 E
飽 F

image image_1 image_5

image_1 image_2 image

With the app you are free to instantly explore the two parent Pivot Radicals of 己 & 勹  These list help you develop a powerful pattern recognition and the flexibility to focus on the detailed readings and compunds for any kanji you choose.

己 忌 記 紀 起 妃 配 改 巻 圏 港 遷 選 包 泡 抱 胞 砲 飽

勹 勺 包 句 泡 胸 濁 菊 匁 匂 勾 葛 旬 酌 約 的 釣 均 拘 駒 警 喝 渇 褐 謁 掲 殉 抱 胞 砲 飽

And you can explore tangents or descendants by exploring the pivot radicals on any card.

This is a precise way to study related kanji.