Quickest Way to Master Kanji! Pivot Radical 尞

尞 is not one of the 214 traditional radicals, however if you use it as a Pivot Radical it can help you learn groups of kanji quickly and effectively! All kanji with the 尞 pivot radical are pronounced (りょう) 100% of the time.

1. 亻Person who I work with: 僚 Colleague
同僚(どうりょう) coworkers
官僚(かんりょう) bureaucracy
閣僚(かくりょう) cabinet ministers

2. 疒 Sickness should be: 療 Heal or Medical treatment
治療(ちりょう) treatment
診療(しんりょう) medical examination and treatment; diagnosis
療養(りょうよう) care

3. 宀 Roof over a 寮 Dormitory
寮舎(りょうしゃ) dormitory
寮生(りょうせい) boarder

4. 目 Eye can see 瞭 Clear
明瞭(めいりょう) Clarity
一目瞭然(いちもくりょうぜん) obvious