How long does it take Japanese to learn Kanji?

How long does it take Japanese students to learn the Joyo Kanji within the Japanese school system?
Let’s break it down by age and grade:
1st grade (7 years old) : 80
2nd grade (8 years old) : 160
3rd grade (9 years old) : 200
4th grade (10 years old) : 200
5th grade (11 years old) : 185
6th grade (12 years old) : 181
Elementary School Total 1006 kanji
7th, 8th, 9th Grades 934
2010 New Joyo Kanji 196
Grand Total of 2,136 kanj
As we can see it takes Japanese students about 10 years to learn the Joyo Kanji. If our goal is to master kanji, then we need an effective learning strategy. The pivot radical method leverages the kanji you know to learrn, retain, & master large groups of kanji within its group.

レイ:令・零・冷・齢 ・鈴
メイ:命 リョウ:領