4 Kanji based on 男 Pivot Radical

男 (おとこ) man + the katakana マ = 勇 (いさむ) brave 勇 (いさむ) brave + (氵) water radical = 湧く (わく)to boil/to grow hot/to feel emotions like joy or bravery 男 (おとこ) man + 虎 (とら) tiger = 虜 (とりこ) captive 慮 (りょ) captive is a 7th grade kanji that’s rarely used and difficult to remember. But because you learned it as a part of the 男 pivot, you will not forget it. You can visualize a tiger holding  man captive.

勇な男だけど彼女の虜になった。 それを聞いて彼女の心に喜びが湧い

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